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Allred Restoration specializes in:

We provide design and construction oversight services for river and wetland projects, both large and small.

For more over 15 years Allred Restoration's President and CEO, Tyler Allred, has been creating some of the finest trout habitat in the world. His experience as a fly-fishing guide in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming has given him a deep connection to moving waters; and his training in the fields of watershed science, hydrology, fluvial geomorphology, sediment transport and river mechanics, has deepened his understanding of river ecosystems. This background allows him to find unique and effective real-world solutions to make your project a success.

Our projects include groundbreaking ecosystem restorations, going far beyond simple stream enhancement. By focusing on natural process and function, we provide true ecosystem restoration that creates quality habitat for the suite of animals and plants that inhabit our important river and wetland ecosystems.

Let us help you.

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Allred Restoration has been involved in far too many projects for a complete accounting on this website, but the following project list offers a brief sampling of our work for your review.

Provo River Restoration Project (PRRP)


The Provo River in Heber Valley, Utah experienced trans-basin diversions, channel straightening and levee construction activities, beginning in the 1950's; leaving behind something more like a canal than a river. The Provo River Restoration Project (PRRP) changed all that.

PRRP is one of the largest and most ambitious restoration projects in the western United States. With a total budget of approximately $45 million, this forward-thinking project has restored approximately 12 miles of the Provo River: nearly all of this length was designed by Allred Restoration and dug from scratch with heavy equipment.

The PRRP is a federal ecosystem restoration project that includes guaranteed minimum instream flows for the restored river. Project managers acquired a wide stream corridor that allows enough space for the river to migrate naturally across its floodplain. Over a period of roughly 8 years, State and Federal crews, under the oversight of Mr. Tyler Allred, constructed over 10 miles of smaller channels and hundreds of wetlands, in addition to the 12 miles of main Provo River channel. During the first two years of restoration activities, Chad Gourley (now president of Otis Bay), worked jointly with Mr. Allred on the design and construction oversight of this large and complex project.

To see a slideshow of images that barely begin to capture the magnitude of this huge project, CLICK HERE.

Otis Bay has prepared a nice series of movies and panoramic images for sections of the PRRP. To view them, CLICK HERE.

For more information from the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission website, CLICK HERE.

Truckee River Restoration

Allred Restoration worked cooperatively with Chad Gourley (Otis Bay), to provide restoration designs for several sections of the Truckee River near Reno, Nevada, including; the McCarran Ranch property, the Lockwood property, and the 102 Ranch property. Allred Restoration provided expertise including hydrology of the Truckee River, HEC-RAS modeling of channel hydraulics, and sediment transport computation, as well as participating in the overall design and limited construction oversight.

The large and complex nature of these projects required several years of study and planning prior to implementation. The budget for restoration of these three sections of the Truckee River was approximately $10 million. These projects were completed cooperatively with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Nature Conservancy of Nevada.

Otis Bay has prepared a nice series of movies and panoramic images for the McCarran Ranch section of the Truckee River Restoration. To view them, CLICK HERE.

For more information from the Nature Conservancy of Nevada website, CLICK HERE.

Hobble Creek Delta Restoration

Hobble Creek empties into the Provo Bay area of Utah Lake near Springville, Utah. The bay provides good habitat for rearing of juvenile fish, including the endangered June Sucker (Chasmistes liorus), but alterations of the Hobble Creek Delta had made it nearly impossible for the fish to enter Hobble Creek for spawning.

The Hobble Creek Delta Restoration project became a possibility when the federal government was able to acquire a parcel of land in the area of the former delta. Re-establishing a passable connection between Hobble Creek and Provo Bay was a primary project goal, in addition to creating new habitat. Allred Restoration teamed with BIO-WEST for design and construction oversight. June suckers began spawning up the Hobble Creek channel in the first year following construction.

An Instream Flow Study was also completed for Hobble Creek.

For more information about the June Sucker Recovery Program CLICK HERE. For additional information from the Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission CLICK HERE.

Victory Ranch Club

The Victory Ranch Club development is a 6,700 acre master planned luxury development located 15 miles from Park City and an easy 10-minute drive to the ski lifts of Deer Valley . It features private fly-fishing on the Upper Provo River, one of the world's greatest freestone trout fisheries. The club also offers premier golfing on the private Rees Jones 18-hole championship course. Forward-thinking environmental practices ensure preservation and enhancement of the beautiful natural setting for future generations.

Allred Restoration has been involved in the environmental planning of the club since its beginning, providing river planning and enhancement services, side channel creation, wetlands construction including mitigsation wetlands, habitat creation and enhancement for the Columbia Spotted Frog which occurs on the property, and myriad other activities. We also worked with the ranch to develop a conservation easement with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources that will preserve riverine habitats in perpetuity.

Diamond Fork Wetland Project

Diamond Fork Watershed has been adversely affected by trans-basin diversions that bring large quantities of water into Diamond Fork Creek and a major tributary, Sixth Water Creek. Extra water was imported via two large tunnels located high in the watershed, causing massive erosion and downcutting of the stream channel. Many efforts have been undertaken to correct these problems, including a pipeline that delivers most of the water to the bottom of the watershed to avoid the damage.

As part of the effort to mitigate for damage to the watershed, the URMCC contracted Allred Restoration to design a diversion structure and a series of wetlands in the lower part of the Diamond Fork watershed. These wetlands were constructed by State and Federal crews, with oversight by Allred Restoration. The image at right shows a few of the constructed wetlands, shortly after construction.

You can learn more about the efforts to restore Diamond Fork Creek by visiting the URMCC website HERE.

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge is a rare and unique desert oasis, located near Death Valley in Nevada. The refuge, which includes 24,000 acres of spring-fed wetlands and alkaline desert uplands, is so unique that it is recognized as a wetland of international importance. Over 50 springs and seeps occur on the refuge, as water bearing strata come to the surface. The inset picture (upper right) is not snow... it is a salt crust!

An "Endemic" species is one that is found no place else on earth. Ash Meadows has nearly 30 endemic species, and boasts the largest concentration in the United States; five of those species are listed as endangered and seven are considered threatened.

Allred Restoration has teamed with Otis Bay on a variety of projects within the refuge, including spring pool and outflow channel restoration projects in the "Point of Rocks" and "Fairbanks Spring" areas. Allred Restoration has also provided HEC-RAS modeling services to aid flood planning in a complex section of the refuge.

Carson River Watershed Study

The Carson River, in southern Nevada, is over 180 miles long. The river has a watershed area of nearly 4,000 square miles, and drains into Great Basin, never reaching the ocean. The headwaters begin south of Lake Tahoe, high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Much of the land within the Carson River watershed is managed by the Bureau of Land Management. In 2001 the BLM began an assessment of the river basin to: 1) assess the physical environment of the river 2) characterize the geology, geomorphology, hydrology, and sediment transport, 3) assess the condition of the flora and fauna within the Carson River corridor, and 4) develop recommendations for future conservation strategies. Allred Restoration teamed with Otis Bay for this watershed-scale study.

The Carson suffers from many of the problems that plague western rivers, including dewatering and bank instability.

Otis Bay has prepared a computer simulation showing the sequence of development and its affect on the Carson River channel and floodplain. To view the simulation, CLICK HERE.

Dimensionless Baseflows for Instream Flow Studies

Allred Restoration has been involved in many instream flow studies, including major studies on the Truckee River, the Provo River, Diamond Fork Creek, and Hobble Creek. We developed an innovative approach that uses gage data from unaltered streams, in similar geographic settings, to define an "envelope" of the expected range of natural baseflows.

The advantage of this method is that it allows desciption of baseflows for the range of expected snowpack conditions, with different prescriptions for wetter and drier watershed conditions. Gage records from watersheds of all sizes can be normalized by applying a dimensionless approach which allows large and small basins to be compared and assessed simultaneously. Since this method was developed, it has been helpful for determining baseflows in many rivers and streams in the Western U.S.

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